LaCroix & Hand P.C. is a team of experienced lawyers in Grand Junction, CO. Our team is dedicated to offering practical legal solutions and providing clear, consistent communication so our clients are aware of their rights and their options at all times. Our areas of practice include divorce, family law, criminal law, DUI and DWAI, traffic law, estate planning, probate administrations, adoption law, real estate law, civil litigation, veteran law and corporate law.  For more information about our lawyers and their experience, visit our team page. To learn more about each practice area, click on the practice area below.


We Protect Your Family’s Best Interests

Family law is a special area of law because it affects many people in a variety of circumstances. At LaCroix & Hand, we are committed to protecting your rights as a family member during difficult transition periods. Our family law attorneys can assist you with:

  • Divorce
  • Post-Divorce issues, including contempt and restriction of parenting time
  • Parental Decision-Making & Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Adoption
  • Marriage and Relationship Planning
  • Paternity
  • Civil Union

Without Legal Counsel you are Risking your Future

You do not need to make difficult decisions regarding your rights and family alone. Our attorneys provide professional legal advice that suits your particular situation. With over 68 years of combined experience, we promise to help you understand the unique issues involved with your case and help guide you through difficult decisions that will affect you and your family for many years to come.

If you are a parent, we make sure you have a thorough understanding of your parenting time options, including contempt, enforcement of parenting time or modification of prior orders. . At LaCroix & Hand, your child’s interests are a priority.

We Handle Conflict

Divorce or changes to your family structure can be tension-filled and more stressful than the death of a spouse.. In a time when you often feel battered by change, our family lawyers will act as your anchor. They will guide you through your case with a focus on your individual rights, your rights concerning your children and your property interests.

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Divorce Attorney in Grand Junction, CO

Ending a marriage can be a stressful and exhausting process. At LaCroix & Hand, we partner with you to keep you informed of all issues in your case and answer any questions you may have during the proceedings to the best of our ability. You will have security and peace of mind knowing our attorneys have your best interest at heart.

Protect Your Assets in a Divorce Settlement

As you make life-changing decisions, we will be by your side to ensure your divorce gives you fair terms. We offer an initial consultation and advice on the serious issues that lie before you and answer questions such as:

  • Property divisions: Who will get the house? Who will get the furniture? Who will own the car(s)? Who will have access to most of the money in your bank account? These are the type of decisions we will help you with.
  • Maintenance (Alimony): Will one spouse have to provide financial support to the other after the divorce?
  • Child support: Will one spouse have to provide financial support for the children?
  • Parental Responsibilities & Decision-Making:: Who will have decision-making rights for the children? It is important to know your rights, since what you do now will affect your parenting until the child reaches the age of 19 years.

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Don’t traverse this difficult process on your own at a time when you are at an emotional low. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert divorce lawyers in by calling 970-245-4601 today, or send us an email at

There are three types of adoptions in Colorado.

The first is a step-parent adoption where the natural parent either relinquishes his/her rights by consenting to the adoption or has abandoned the child for over a year. After the adoption is finalized, a new birth certificate will be issued naming the party adopting the child as the child’s parent.

The second type of adoption is referred to as a private adoption. A private adoption is very difficult because both parties (the relinquishing parent and party wishing to adopt) must have 25 hours of counseling, which is rarely completed by the relinquishing parent.

The third type of adoption is that through an agency. The agency that has custody of the child will conduct a background check and is in charge of placement of the child.

Get the Representation You Deserve with a Criminal Law Attorney in Grand Junction, CO

When you face criminal proceedings, it’s easy to feel out of your depth. A stay in a jail cell, police questioning and legal complications can be daunting. At LaCroix & Hand, we will provide you with a competent and knowledgeable criminal law attorney that will advocate for your best interests and protect your legal rights.

We know criminal accusations may come with severe consequences for you and your family. We will make sure you understand the legal process and know your options. Our experienced attorneys will ensure your rights are respected throughout the proceedings, and that you have the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your case. We will defend you from unfounded accusations, unfair punishments, and prejudicial legal practices. We will give you the counsel you need to face your charges with confidence.

We Know Colorado Law

Based in Grand Junction, our firm is well versed in Colorado law and has over 46 years of experience in criminal law. We are large enough to give you valuable legal resources, while we also provide the personalized representation of a small firm. You will receive the knowledge you need to get the best outcome in your case.

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You should never have to face criminal charges alone. For the best legal protection, contact LaCroix & Hand for a qualified and experienced criminal law attorney who will protect your rights. Call 970-245-4601 to get representation today, or send us an email at

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DUI Lawyers in Grand Junction, CO

Time is of the Essence To challenge your DUI, you need thorough preparation starting the day after the arrest. At LaCroix & Hand, we work closely with you to build a strong defense. We will review the details of your arrest with you and assess how to best present your case.

Some of the most common defenses include challenging road side sobriety tests, determining whether proper procedure of testing equipment was implemented, and whether or not you should have been pulled over in the first place. We will look at whether you take certain medications or have a condition that could have affected your test results.

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Traffic Lawyers in Grand Junction, CO

A person may lose their driving privileges if there is an accumulation of too many penalty points within a set period of time. In Colorado, an adult driver has 12 points in any 12 consecutive months, and 18 points in any 24 consecutive months if no violations have occurred. Because some violations carry as much as 12 points, if you receive a traffic ticket or are involved in an accident, it is imperative that you attempt to get the ticket reduced to a lesser charge or have the charge deferred (meaning that no action will be taken on the ticket if you comply with the requirements issued by the Court) to avoid penalty points against your license. We can help you through the legal process and do our best to save you points and helping you to maintain your driving privileges.

Probate Lawyer in Grand Junction, CO

This is a very sorrowful and emotional time. Expert guidance is needed to make sure all deadlines are met and that all assets are collected and maintained for the heirs. Our estate attorneys have assisted many individuals through the legal process and having an attorney represent you allows you time to grieve and not feel overwhelmed by the legal process.

The Care of the Estate

At LaCroix & Hand, our expert probate attorneys can help you with all aspects of probating a will, opening an estate and seeing that a trust is administered properly for loved ones. Our team will ensure that bills from the deceased person’s last illness and funeral are paid, a final tax return is filed with the federal and state government, assets remaining from the person’s life are collected and properly inventoried, and that wills or trust documents from the deceased person are examined and that their wishes are followed after the passing.

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While it may seem almost impossible to handle a task this large while you are grieving the loss of a loved one, we will be there for you each step of the way. Call us at 970-245-4601 to schedule an appointment to discuss your probate administration needs.

Life Decisions for Today and the Future

Our estate planning attorneys are who you contact to make a will to protect your loved ones or obtain advice on whether something like a living trust is right for you. A qualified estate attorney also provides guidance on powers of attorney (medical and durable/financial) and health care directives so that you feel confident someone familiar and trusted will be empowered to make decisions should the need arise. At LaCroix & Hand, we are proud to offer you the services of the most experienced estate planning lawyers available.

Business Succession

Estate planning attorneys can also help you to ensure that a family business and property continue to be a benefit to the family or employees once someone is no longer willing or able to participate in its operations. We assist with designing plans that allow the company or another shareholder to purchase shares, we make sure the business can help fund your retirement or provide continued support for your family.

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Real Estate Lawyers in Grand Junction, CO

Real estate is your largest asset and a very serious investment. Our experienced real estate lawyers can assist with leasing and purchase options, mortgages and other real estate financing options, commercial or retail development and leases, construction contracts and mechanic’s liens, homeowners and condominium associations, municipal law, easements, permits and variances, along with residential real estate transactions and closing requirements.

We Settle Real Estate Disputes

In addition to real estate transactions, our real estate lawyers handle litigation that may be necessary to quiet (or correct) title, settle boundary disputes, or resolve contract disputes which arise during the course of construction or after construction.

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We Resolve Your Civil Disputes

During a legal disagreement, there are times when negotiations fail and one party or the other requires court intervention to settle the dispute. At LaCroix & Hand, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service to assist our clients in resolving disputes in a wide range of civil subject matters. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to assist you in any and all stages of the litigation process. You can rely on our attorneys to advise you on the possible courses of action to resolve the dispute, often times even resolving a dispute prior to filing a case and having your day in court.

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Injury and Disability Lawyers in Grand Junction, CO

Social Security law and Veteran benefits and procedure is a large body of law, subject to the United States Code, extensive regulations, “in-house” rulings, court decisions and other policy decisions. The attorneys at LaCroix & Hand have many years of practice of Social Security law and can assist you in navigating the complex process involving your Social Security or Veterans disability case. We have successfully represented clients in Colorado, Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Northern New Mexico.

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Business Law in Grand Junction, CO

89% of all businesses fail because they are not properly prepared for business problems such as having a proper entity. The attorneys at LaCroix & Hand are your secret board member and will help you avoid making sometimes fatal mistakes in business formation.

Our business litigation attorneys also handle cases involving confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, franchise agreements and contracts, licensing and distribution agreements, non-compete agreements, leases and subleases of property and equipment and the myriad of other issues that surround your business. Our skilled business litigators can help you protect your business and enforce the obligations it is owed.

If a company has failed to provide you with the payment, product or service you have counted on to operate your business, you need a law firm with in-depth corporate law experience to bring a successful case against it. The business litigation attorneys at LaCroix & Hand have the skills and know the proper tools to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.

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