Business Lawyer Grand Junction CO
Do you need to hire the services of a business lawyer in Grand Junction, CO? At LaCroix & Hand, P.C., their goal is to provide representation and counsel that exceeds their clients’ expectations. 
It may surprise you to learn that 89% of all businesses fail because they are not properly prepared for business problems such as having a proper entity. The attorneys at LaCroix & Hand are your secret board member and will help you avoid making sometimes fatal mistakes in business formation. When you need the legal of advice and assistance of a business lawyer in Grand Junction, CO, rely on the experience and knowledge that LaCroix & Hand offers.
LaCroix & Hand are widely recognized and respected in the community, with a reputation of thoroughness and attention to detail. Attorneys from LaCroix & Hand are committed professionals who take their responsibilities seriously, knowing their efforts will have a lasting impact on their clients’ lives.
The business litigation attorneys also handle cases involving confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, franchise agreements and contracts, licensing and distribution agreements, non-compete agreements, leases and sub-leases of property and equipment and the myriad of other issues that surround your business. LaCroix & Hand’s skilled business litigators can help you protect your business and enforce the obligations it is owed. Call on the most experienced business lawyer in all of Grand Junction, CO.
You need an attorney in Grand Junction who will strive to exceed your expectations- LaCroix & Hand is the only choice. No questions go unanswered. They have an attorney on call 24 hours a day and their clients are kept informed of all aspects of their case during the firm’s representation, either by the attorney in charge, or by one of their very competent staff members.
The experienced business lawyer in Grand Junction, CO is able to provide the legal representation you’re looking for. At LaCroix & Hand, they help clients manage their affairs by providing a level of responsiveness that quickly addresses both opportunities and uncertainties. At every occasion, they offer practical solutions to clients by applying the right combination of creativity, commitment and common sense.
If experience and a successful history of meeting clients’ needs is what you’re looking for, you won’t find a better suited business lawyer in all of Grand Junction, CO than at LaCroix & Hand. In fact, it’s that experience that sets them apart from other Western Slope law firms, along with their ability to provide clients with the best of both worlds; large firm ability and experience, along with small firm creativity, care and concern.
If a company has failed to provide you with the payment, product or service you have counted on to operate your business, you need a law firm with in-depth corporate law experience to bring a successful case against it. The business litigation lawyer at LaCroix & Hand in Grand Junction, CO has the skills and knows the proper tools to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.
Call the office today at 970-245-4601 to schedule a consultation with an experienced business lawyer in Grand Junction, CO, or send LaCroix & Hand an email at
Business Lawyer Grand Junction CO
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