Divorce Attorney Grand Junction

Do you need to speak with a Divorce Attorney in Grand Junction? Call the best in the area. LaCroix & Hand PC has a long history of success based upon a group of experienced and highly skilled lawyers who handle everything from simple to complex legal matters.


If you’re going through a divorce or see divorce as a probability on the horizon, don’t hesitate to call LaCroix & Hand. They know how stressful and exhausting the process of divorce can be as they have worked with numerous clients in this regard. They’ll partner with you to keep you well-informed of all issues in your case while answering any questions you may have during the proceedings. You’ll have exceptional peace of mind knowing that the best divorce attorney in Grand Junction is in your corner.


You deserve fair terms during your divorce- and LaCroix & Hand will be by your side every step of the way during these life-changing decisions you are making, ensuring that the terms are not stacked against you. They offer initial consultation and advice on the serious issues that lie ahead, and will provide answers to such questions as:


– Who will get the house? What about the furniture? Who will be driving the main car? Who can access the money in the bank account? When it comes to property division, you deserve to be fairly treated by the court. This is why it’s essential that you hire the best divorce attorney in Grand Junction to stand with you.


– Will one spouse be required to provide financial support to the other after the divorce is final? Alimony is a serious issue, and is one that LaCroix & Hand will discuss in detail with you during your initial consultation.


– Will one spouse have to provide financial support for the children? Child support is another very important issue that deserves a lot of time and attention spend on it. 


– Who will have the decision-making rights for the children? When it comes to parental responsibilities and decision-making, it’s essential to know your rights. What you do now will affect your parenting until your child reaches the age of 19 years. You can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to hiring a divorce attorney. Call LaCroix & Hand in Grand Junction at 970-245-4601.


Don’t go it alone! This will prove to be one of the most difficult times in your life- one in which you will need expert advice and legal counsel. Schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer from LaCroix & Hand in Grand Junction. You’ll be glad you called the best in the business.


To learn more about the services that LaCroix & Hand PC provides to the Grand Junction community, visit online at lacroixhandpc.com. From there, you’ll see the entire list of professional services available.


LaCroix & Hand PC has represented individuals, families and businesses throughout the Western Slope region since 1977. In each case they have worked closely with their clients to achieve the most successful results possible. Their lawyers strive to exceed the expectations of every client. Why not give them a call today?

Divorce Attorney Grand Junction
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