Do you need a criminal defense attorney?

Have you recently been accused of an alleged criminal offense? If so, you may be worried about the damage to your reputation and relationships that a conviction could cause. In fact, it can be quite frightening, especially if you are facing charges that could seriously impact your future.

It can be challenging to navigate the Colorado legal system. It is important to have dedicated representation for charges related to DUI, theft, violent crime, drugs, criminal appeals and other criminal charges. It is important to find comprehensive, client-focused criminal defense legal services so that you can defend yourself from criminal charges in court.

Facing Criminal Charges?

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a competent attorney that has the knowledge and the experience to defend your rights. Grand Junction criminal law can be confusing and you need expert help to ensure you are protected. Some of the charges you may need to seek legal guidance for:

Theft and property cases Theft crimes are serious charges that could mean decades in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. While some misdemeanor crimes can result in probation or community services, others convicted could face felony records. There are five different classifications regarding theft in Colorado, a class one or class two offense is considered a misdemeanor while a class three or higher is considered a felony. There are also at least ten different specific types of theft including: larceny, identity theft, robbery, fraud and extortion. An experienced criminal lawyer can help you to sift through the legal specifics to understand your unique case.

 DUI and DWAI cases DUI stands for driving under the influence, which, for adults in Colorado, is described as driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.8% or greater. DWAI stands for driving while ability impaired which, indicates a blood alcohol content of between 0.05% and 0.08%. A DUI or a DWAI is a serious charge that could result in substantial fines, loss of license and even jail time. A criminal lawyer can help to ensure that the consequences of a DUI or DWAI do not permanently affect your future.

The most important difference when facing a DWAI charge versus a DUI charge is related to your driver’s license. A first offence of a DWAI does not result in the revocation or your license under Colorado criminal law. It is also much easier to get a DWAI charge dropped with the help of an experienced criminal lawyer because blood alcohol of over 0.05% is not automatically proof of impaired driving. Visits this link for information about Colorado DUI limits and possible legal penalties.

 Drug crimes Are you facing drug charges in Colorado? Drug laws can be harsh and may result in significant jail time. You need an experienced attorney to help you mount a successful defense against charges related to heroin, methamphetamine and prescription drugs including manufacturing or cultivation, unlawful possession, trafficking and drug paraphernalia charges.

In Colorado, it is legal to possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use if you are over 21 years old. Possession of more than 1 oz. of marijuana or six marijuana plants can result in criminal charges. The legal implications of marijuana distribution or consumption can impact your life as much as any other drug crime without the proper legal council. Check this website for the most current information regarding Colorado marijuana laws.

 Considering an appeal for unfair criminal charges or mistrials?

Even if your case has not concluded in your favor, you may still have options. Most cases have valid legal concerns that can and should be appealed by a competent attorney. An appeal can help you to reduce your charges with the help of an experienced lawyer. If you were not properly represented during your trial, the court made a mistake or new evidence has been discovered, you may be able to appeal your case. If you have been charged with a crime, it is recommended that you seek experienced legal advice immediately to protect your rights.


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