Family Law Attorney Grand Junction

Are you searching for a highly qualified Family Law Attorney in the Grand Junction area? Consider LaCroix & Hand. Family Law is a very special area of law that requires expertise and knowledge because it affects people in a variety of circumstances. Lacroix & Hand PC is committed to protecting your rights during this transition period.


Without expert legal counsel, you’re risking your future. The Family Law Attorney from LaCroix & Hand in Grand Junction is able to provide you with professional legal advice with regard to your specific situation. You don’t have to make these difficult decisions alone- with over 68 years of combined experience, LaCroix & Hand can help you understand the issues regarding your case while guiding you through the decisions that will affect you and your family for many years to come.


Call LaCroix & Hand if you need to speak with a Family Law Attorney in Grand Junction for any of the following:


– Divorce

– Post-divorce issues, including contempt and restriction of parenting time

– Parental decision-making and parenting time

– Child support

– Adoption

– Marriage and relationship planning

– Paternity

– Civil union


LaCroix & Hand PC has a reputation for thoroughness and preparedness that reaches deep into the community. They will work together with you to achieve the successful results you expect. Their attorneys are committed, experienced lawyers who take their responsibilities to their clients very seriously, knowing that the results achieved will have lasting impact. You couldn’t find a better Family Law Attorney in Grand Junction than LaCroix & Hand.


Your child’s interests are a priority to LaCroix & Hand. If you’re a parent, they will make sure that you have a complete understanding of your parenting time options, including contempt, enforcement or parenting time and, as the case may be, of modification of prior orders. With a full understanding comes peace of mind when it comes to these issues.


Conflict can often serve to take your focus off of what’s most important during this transitional time- this is one area where LaCroix & Hand can really help. Divorce can bring changes to your family structure that can leave you emotionally distraught and anxiety-filled. A Family Law Attorney from LaCroix & Hand in Grand Junction can help you better focus on your rights as an individual, your parental rights and your property interests.


If your family is going through changes due to divorce or for any other reason, contact a Family Law Attorney from LaCroix & Hand PC in Grand Junction by calling 970-245-4601. You can request a consultation to discuss the details of your circumstances.


Protect your assets in a divorce settlement through expert property divisions, maintenance or alimony, child support and parental responsibilities and decision making. As you make life-changing decisions, LaCroix & Hand will be by your side to ensure that you get fair terms.


Speak to a Family Law Attorney from LaCroix & Hand today. In Grand Junction, call 970-245-4601 or visit online at You’ll be glad you chose the most qualified Family Law attorney in the Grand Junction area.


Family Law Attorney Grand Junction
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